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Archimedes Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum

Cornicopia of Rotorcraft

Historical Timeline

250BC - Today

Chinese Top

e have no idea who invented it, or exactly when - circa 250-200BC, but the "Chinese Top" is the first real example of a flying machine. This toy was a true helicopter! When spun betweeen the hands and released it would soar through the air. Many inventors through the centuries played with these and dreamed of devices that would lift man into the sky.

Drawing of Archimedes' Screw
Archimedes, somewhere around this same period of time, invented the "helical Screw" which he envisioned as an irrigation device to raise water to a higher level. Archimedes also wrote that such a device may possibly carry man into the air.

Da Vinci's Helicopter Drawing

Leonardo Da Vinci utilized Archimedes Screw atop his helicopter drawn around 1485 - 1490. The helical screw did become the basis for propellers and rotorblades

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