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Archimedes Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum


Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum

    Many things have happened since last reported here.

    We had the arrival of the Baby Mac!

    Here are some pics of the delivery.

The delivery1
Delivery by 6cyl Momma MAC
The delivery2
There she is!
Cleaned up
All cleaned up.
Baby with prop fitted.

    Bensen B6 Gyroglider added to collection

    Chapter 81 members build a Bensen B6 Gyroglider for the museum. Plans for the B6 was Bensen's first offering to the public in 1954. The machine is made of 3/8" and 1/2" water pipe and screwed together. The idea of an affordable aircraft for the everyday man began the revival of the Autogiro, not by the civil aircraft community, but by home builders!

Bensen B-6
B-6 airframe complete
Bensen B-6 in Museum
Bensen B-6 in the Museum

    Maxie Wildes has donated the Mad Max II.

    He did not have room for the reduction drive, prop, and rotor this trip and promises to bring them to the PRA convention in 2020.

Maxie delivers the Mad Max II to the museum.
Placement in the museum.

    The museum is running out of space!

    A building fund has been established to, at very least, add on to the existing building. A rough estimate of this was $50,000. So far, when have collected only $530. Please help preserve and protect the history of Rotorcraft by becoming a member/supporter.